Best Green Foods for Energy

Green foodThe summer is back and as so is your lethargy. A hot summer day leaves one drained of all his energy and what’s left behind is dullness that not only affects mental health but sooner or later will leave an impression on physical well being too. Wake up; it’s time to smell the coffee, figuratively!

But how does one do that? There are plenty of health supplements and drinks available in the market but all day long energy doesn’t come from a supplement or an energy mix drink.

There are better options available than them. They are real and are full of natural energy boosters. Trust on them and see your energy levels on rebound.

1. Melons

Melons such as cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon, are not just full of vitamins and minerals, they serve as effective natural energy boosters as well. With ninety percent of their content being water, they shall never let you go dehydrated and shall help you fight fatigue, too.

Summers can be tiring and just a slice of melon can help you re-energize in seconds. Melons are rich in anti oxidants, vitamin A and very low on calories and fats. Just squeeze some lime on a slice of melon and you are ready to fight the scorching heat of the summer.

2. Spinach

Remember the cartoon Popeye the Sailor Man, how he ate spinach and how that suddenly made him stronger, full of energy, quite opposite of what he was minutes earlier.

Well, his sudden transformation can be credited to spinach and it can do such things to you too. Spinach serves as the best available natural source of iron.

It increases body’s level of energy and replenishes it with minerals like potassium, calcium and vitamins A and E. Furthermore, according to Top 10 Home Remedies website, spinach is one of the top 10 superfoods for eyes because it contains vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin.

In addition, it is an excellent source of iron that helps in increasing the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Try adding a daily dose of spinach to your meals to see its effect. If spinach does not suit your taste buds, then you can always add it to different vegetables, sandwiches or smoothies of your liking.

3. Cucumber

Well, it might just be the coolest vegetable you know. It’s refreshing, reenergizing and one frugal way to spend your food money this summer.

Apart from this, cucumber is a rich source of vitamin B and carbohydrate that give you a long lasting and healthier way to boost your energy than a normal cup of coffee or tea.

Half a cup of cucumber contains just eight calories. It is a nutritional bargain that should not be missed. So this summer grab some cucumbers and have a healthy feast.

4. Green Tea

A widely known beverage, green tea not only serves as an anti oxidant but also works as a very good drink to reenergize your body. Green tea is a healthy way to begin your morning.

Moreover, it refreshes you from early morning fatigue and does wonders if you are trying to lose some additional weight. Studies have suggested of its medicinal properties.

In addition, it is a rich source of catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is a potent antioxidant. Green tea also has a good amount of caffeine content that keeps your senses alert.

But, keep in mind you don’t overdo it. Overconsumption of green tea can produce harmful effects like insomnia and headache. According to, overdose of green tea can even cause liver damage.

5. Lettuce

Lettuce is widely used in salad dressings and sandwich fillings. But, this leafy vegetable is not a dormant player. Lettuce not only adds crunch to your food but makes it nutritious, too.

A raw lettuce leaf has vitamins A, B and C, potassium, calcium, iron, protein and fiber. A small amount of lettuce contributes significantly towards your daily requirement of protein while the vitamin B helps you convert your food into energy.

6. Apple

Apples are always considered to provide protection against diseases, keeping you healthy and fit. Apples are also a rich source of potassium, iron, vitamin B and fiber.

An apple a day helps you get you one-eighth of iron needed by your body and provides sufficient level of potassium to maintain proper heart functioning and energy level.

Vitamin B found in apple converts your food into energy while helping you to maintain your proper hemoglobin level. The Huffington Post states that apples also protect against metabolic syndrome.

7. Celery

Celery contains 90% water which makes it an efficient energy booster. Celery also contains essential vitamins and minerals that help in maintaining your health.

It lower your risk of cancer and heart attack. Moreover, celery is a very good source of anti oxidants. Antioxidant vitamins like A, C and E protect the body from cellular damage and free radicals.

In the June 2011 issue of the “Journal of Separation Science” it has been reported that among other vegetables and fruits with a high antioxidant content, celery leaves have the highest percentage of antioxidants that help fight against free radicals.

8. Kale

Kale is a rich source of vitamins, calcium and is a great energy booster. It also provides beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K and has anti cancer properties.

Often considered as a superfood, kale when taken at breakfast and as a snack at different intervals, combined with water, keeps you hydrated as well as re-energized throughout the day. According to Natural Health 365, kale is good for the heart, too, because it helps lower excess cholesterol.

9. Green Parsley

Not only does parsley impart a fresh and unique taste to your food, but it is also a very good source of vitamin C.

Add parsley sprigs to your food to enhance the aroma and boost cell rejuvenation. So, the next time when you are ready to serve out the dishes don’t forget to sprinkle some parsley magic.

10. Green Grapes

Grapes taste delicious and the sugar content in this fruit makes it easy to be absorbed by the body, giving you a fresh and re-energizing experience.

Grapes are rich in antioxidants and serve as preventive agents against heart diseases, cholesterol, aging and cancer. Grape juice replenishes the iron lost from the body and prevents fatigue.

So, the next time you feel dull, add some green to your diet and see its magic. It will definitely make you refreshed and energized.

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