Top 15 Foods for Detoxing

DetoxTo remain healthy, it is important to engage in regular physical exercise and embark on a proper diet that helps flush out toxins from your body.

A detox diet is one healthy and vibrant way to fulfill this need. It is a better way to lose weight than a conventional diet as it promotes a healthy way to maintain your fitness level by removing the unwanted and harmful toxins from your body.

With the present day eating habits of individuals, and regular consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking, the body becomes a storehouse of several toxins. These toxins get accumulated over time and hamper the natural detoxifying mechanism of the body.

As a result the body’s alkaline PH balance gets disturbed and the acidic contents get accumulated in the body. To get rid of these harmful contents, the best way out would be a detox diet.

There are several fruits, vegetables and drinks that you can incorporate in your detox diet. The most helpful and essential ones that can help you reap the benefit quickly and have a lasting effect on your body are:

1. Beet

This vibrant coloured vegetable is a storehouse of rich powerful nutrients like magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin B3, B6, C that help your liver and gall bladder breakdown toxins. Moreover, it is a good source of fiber and aids in digestion. In addition, it can help you maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. Beet is good for your skin and hair, too.

2. Lemon

A juicy lemon helps flush away the toxins in your body by making them water soluble. It is a rich source of vitamin C and supports the liver in its cleansing function, stimulates enzymes, and purifies the blood.
According to Top 10 Home Remedies site, lemon is one of the top 10 kitchen ingredients that work as medicines because of its therapeutic, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and immune-boosting properties.

3. Garlic

Garlic serves as a powerful part of the detox diet. Its strong antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic properties make it hard to miss out from the list. Although garlic leaves a strong foul odor in your breath, it also produces detoxifying enzymes that remove toxins.

It produces allicin, a natural chemical that kills harmful bacteria and viruses while reducing your problem of cholesterol and blood pressure. If you are still bothered about the garlic breath, Women’s Health Magazine suggests that chewing on a parsley spring or sipping milk before or during a garlic-rich meal can help combat the foul odor.

4. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a nutrient that not only helps in body’s detoxification process but is also essential in removing mercury from your body. These nuts also improve your immune system, and are good for your skin and hair. Just two Brazil nuts a day contribute significantly towards your detox diet but you ought to be cautious of an overdose as it could be harmful.

5. Avocados

Avocados are rich in vitamin B, C, E and nutrients like beta-carotene. They are made up of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which help in the digestive process.

However, do not judge this fruit merely on the basis of its fat content as the fat stored in avocados does not leads to weight gain. In fact, this fruit revamps body’s metabolism and is rich in anti oxidants that help in the process of natural detoxification.

6. Onions

Onions whether white, green or red, are good source of sulfur and amino acids that turn the toxins in your body water soluble. They also help the body strengthen its natural detoxification process as they contain glutathione.

According to, onion helps lower total blood cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and retards blood clotting. To get the best results, you can eat it raw.

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains one of the highest amounts of anti oxidants like anthocyanins, which gives the fruit its red color. Plus, it provides the immune system that extra boost that helps sustain the process of detoxification.

8. Turmeric

A member of the ginger family, turmeric is commonly used for food coloring and as an ingredient in subcontinent cuisine. Apart from this, turmeric is home to a powerful phytochemical called curcumin which helps the liver get rid of toxins from the body by production of bile in the gallbladder. So, just a small spoon of turmeric can serve your purpose for the day.

9. Broccoli

This mini tree-like vegetable is filled with antioxidants and is considered one the healthiest vegetables due to its beneficial properties.

Phytonutrients like glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiian, and glucobrassicin present in broccoli help stimulate the natural detox process of the body and flush out the harmful toxins. Broccoli sprouts contain even more important photochemicals than actual broccoli.

10. Carrots

Carrots, whether consumed raw or in form of juice or soup, help the body in detoxification as they contain a number of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Moreover, this Vitamin A-rich food protects against cardiovascular problems and cancer.

11. Papaya

Papaya is home to digestive enzymes called papain and proteolytic enzymes which help in protein digestion. Plus, this fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and is available throughout the year. With its high fiber content, papaya should be consumed raw. You can also drink papaya juice for your health.

The wholesome fruit is beneficial for your skin and hair, too. According to, it removes dead skin cells, fades blemishes, heals cracked heels, reduces signs of aging, controls dandruff, boosts hair growth, and helps maintain beautiful skin and hair.

12. Chilies

Not only are they hot, they are also packed with antioxidants and vitamins that boost your metabolism. They are commonly used as treatment of stomach ailments in eastern medicine. They help secretion of digestive juices and increase the blood flow in the body. This helps in detoxifying process carried by the liver in the body.

13. Cabbage

Healthy and affordable, cabbage detox diet is quite popular with celebrities. Its high nutritional value and sulfur compounds help in developing enzymes that are good for the digestive system. In addition, cabbage helps the liver flush out toxins from the body and also lowers cholesterol levels.

14.  Wheatgrass

Another popular detox food with celebrities, wheatgrass, is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, B, and C and minerals like iron, oxygen. It is easily available in raw, powdered or tablet form.

Wheat grass juice is a good source of chlorophyll which helps in blood purification and secretion of digestive juices. It also possesses the ability to decontaminate organic chemicals and strengthen the immune system.

15.  Yogurt

Having yogurt is a classic, tried and tested food to detox your body. It not only serves your dairy needs for the day but has high protein content too.

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria called probiotics. These bacteria stimulate the digestive process and strengthen your immune system. Frozen yogurt, now easily available in stores, makes an excellent dessert.

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